Hello. My name is Anna Vikhlyayeva. By nature, I am a watercolorist. My favorite artists are Ivan Bilibin and Alphonse Maria Mucha, whose artistic credo is best described in terms of a combination of the elegance of linear drawing with the added harmony of colors. I had graduated from the Sevastopol Art School in Crimea and worked as an art teacher for several years. I loved to share with my young students the multitude of tools and techniques used by famous artists and painters throughout history.

Over the years, I have had both large and small accomplishments: winning art awards and art competitions; creating logos, advertisements and graphic design for magazines; and so on. Nevertheless, the greatest success that I am proud of was my admission to and successful graduation from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), where I finally realized my childhood dream of becoming an animator. 

Although now I mainly create videos, animations and 2D illustrations, I paint with great pleasure in the old-fashioned way: using real brushes and paints.

Studying at the university was so much fun for me. Here are some of my art projects.

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